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G.B.  A r c h i t e c t  l.l.c. 

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G i u s e p p e   B a r b e r i o    A.I.A.
G.B. Architect LLC is an architectural design firm, located in Central New Jersey, with experience in residential, commercial, and mixed use building types.  We can provide design solutions you may not have thought possible.  Let us  explore the possibilities of working and reinvesting in your existing building or designing a new structure that suits your needs. 
We offer free consultations 
Ph 732.510.5570
Clark, NJ
Completed projects in:

Roselle Park
Berkeley Heights
Scotch Plains
Old Bridge

We continue to work on projects throughout NJ.  Call us for a free consultation.
Please click on the Face Book Link for current projects and further information.  Portions of the Website are currently under construction.